The Return of Blogging?


I'm a pretty productive person, but one thing I've always been terrible at is blogging! When everyone said blogs were dead and social media was the future, I honestly breathed a sigh of relief. But now it seems that more and more people are returning to good old fashioned blogs. And I think that's mostly about wanting to reach a community without some mysterious algorithm deciding who gets to see it, or demanding you shell out money to "boost" a post to people who already follow you.

 I recently experienced the power of a good blogger first hand when Lucy of Attic 24 wrote a post on her experience stitching one of my zodiac designs. It's a lovely, thoughtful article and within hours of her posting it, new fans and customers started flooding in!

It was a great reminder to me that I can and should do more to reach new crafters who have never heard of Satsuma Street and have maybe never even tried cross stitch. And it's exactly the kind of story that you can't get in a Twitter or Facebook post...Lucy shared so many helpful tips and really brought everyone along as she tackled her first counted cross stitch project. She made it seem easy for beginners to do, and I heard from lots of new customers that this would be their first cross stitching attempt!

So thanks to Lucy, I'm inspired to try blogging one more time. I'll repost a few of my most popular posts from my old Blogspot page, and share news about new designs and inspirations. At the moment, I'm working on a new seasonal sampler to match my popular Primavera design. This one will be the Summer version, I'm calling it Verano.  (That's a photo of the model in progress at the top of the post.) I'm hoping to release it in early May.

You can purchase the Primavera pattern here on Etsy, or from one of my awesome retailers in the shop directory. If your local shop doesn't carry it, tell them they should!


happy stitching!
xoxo Jody